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The antidote to exhaustion isn’t rest. It’s nature.

The Helgeland region is almost as large as Slovenia. A hike along the border of the Rana district is almost 400 km, where you must cross two fjords and the country's second largest glacier and climb to peaks more than 1600 meters high. Be aware of that Rana is only one of these adventurous outdoor municipalities surrounding the city of Mo i Rana.

Friluftsliv, Mo i Rana, Sauvasshytta, Polarsirkelen Turlag

Sauvasshytta is a popular hiking destination. Photo: Åshild Bjørnådal / Polarsirkelen Turlag

In the region, there are two large associations affiliated with the Norwegian Trekking Association, Polarsirkelen Turlag and Hemnes Turistforening. Both are very active, and can offer members and other active hikers accommodation in a number of cabins around the two municipalities Hemnes and Rana. In addition, the public landowner Statskog, is very active and accommodating, and can offer a number of cabins, barns and arches of various standards. See links at the bottom of the page.

Solnedgang 1200 moh, ved Rabothytta.

Phone-video: Øystein Bentzen | Yamo

Hemnes Turistforening

HTF is the owner of the architectural gem, Rabothytta. In addition, HTF has three other cabins: Kjennsvasshytta, Gresvasshytta and Gråfjellhytta. All cabins are located around the Okstind Glacier, and are excellent accommodation for both glacier and summit hikes. For trips on the glacier, both knowledge and safety equipment are recommended, and HTF is helpful with advice and tips.

Rabothytta is a destination, both as a day and overnight trip. Overnight at Rabothytta is an adventure both in clear weather and fog. During the winter the cabin at 1200 MAS are closed of security reasons. The weather conditions at this height are too dangerous. 


The Rabothytta is rather large, and in the summer season you will be able to meet and get to know people from all over the world. To study the sunset from the cabin's courtyard or indoors from the living room, is well paid for the two-hour uphill trip up from the car park. If you are an early bird and are lucky to see the golden sunrise against the chalk-white glacier, you will get an experience of a lifetime. Bring a friend! Such experiences should be shared.

Mo i Rana, Rabothytta, friluftsliv, Okstindene, Turisforening

The spectacular Rabothytta by Okstindene is world famous. Photo: Kim Åge Abelsen / Hemnes Tourist Association

Polarsirkelen Turlag

The Mo i Rana seated association, PT owns eight cabins with a total of more than a hundred beds. Along the marked path Nordland Route, the association has four resting huts, plus one hut out by the coast.

The cabins are all located in Rana municipality, with Sauvasshytta as the highest located at 980 meters and Reinfjellhytta lowest at 350 meters. All cabins are locked with a member key, except Blakkådalshytta which is unlocked.  


The association is highly active, and the cabins are characterized by good maintenance. The eight cabins have from five to twenty beds, and all cabins are located north and east of Mo i Rana. The largest of the cabins is Saltfjellstua with twenty beds.

Mo i Rana, Saltfjellstua, Giga Factory, Freyr

Saltfjellstua is the largest cabin owned by PT. Photo: Camilla Askildsen | PT

Statens Skoger/The State Forest

Statens Skoger is a large and popular landowner in the region. For the landowner, arranging for outdoor life is an important task, and offer both fishing licenses and boat rentals.

In Hemnes and Rana alone, Statskog has more than twenty cabins, arches and barns of varying standard levels. In addition, there are countless others of the same kind around Helgeland and in the neighboring municipalities in Saltdal.

Mo i Rana, Krokstua, Polarsirkelen, Giga Factory

Krokstua is one of Statsskog rental cabins in the region. Photo: Magnus Beyer Brattli / Statskog

Mo i Rana, Randalskåta, Giga Factory, friluftsliv

Randalskåta is also owned by Statskog, and a popular hiking destination. Photo: Statskog

The Arctic Circle Outdoor Council

In addition to Statskog and the two above-mentioned trekking associations, the region's outdoor council is an active and important facilitator for outdoor life, especially for children and youth. The Arctic Circle Outdoor Council was established in 2007, and is owned by the municipalities of Hattfjelldal, Hemnes, Lurøy, Nesna, Rana and Træna.

Together with Statskog, Helgeland Museum and Nord University, the Outdoor Council has established the Bredek-round hiking trail, and the trip also includes a textbook. The Bredek round is a trail network that takes you to the mountain farms Granneset, Bredek and Inner-Bredek. The starting point is at Storvoll, and the round can be taken via Stormdalsheia or via Bjellånes.

The Outdoor Council is also active out on the coast and invests heavily in coast line cleaning. In 2021, they invested 1.7 million kroner in a separate boat for the purpose of collecting plastic.

Mo i Rana, friluftsliv, Giga Factory

The Ranelva is one of the country's best salmon rivers

Mo i Rana, arctic outdoor life, Giga Factory

Weekend trip to Helgelands


Mo i Rana, arctic outdoor life, Giga Factory

The Arctic Circle Outdoor Council

Mo i Rana, arctic outdoor life, Giga Factory

The Arctic Circle Turlags


Mo i Rana, arctic outdoor life, Giga Factory

Day trip to Helgeland


Mo i Rana, arctic outdoor life, Giga Factory

Okstindene Natur-

and Kulturpark

Mo i Rana, arctic outdoor life, Giga Factory

Hemnes Tourist Association


Mo i Rana, arctic outdoor life, Giga Factory



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