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Giga Arctic + Giga America

Freyr Battery establishes technology center in Boston, USA. The company that recently decided to build Giga Arctic is now turning its attention to the realization of its factory number two, Giga America.

Boston lays 350 km north of New York and has a recognised research environment Foto: Babakin | iStock

The US Senate's adoption of President Biden's "Inflation Reduction Act" creates wind in the sails of Freyr's American plans. Freyr had already reached several important milestones in the US before the Senate's decision, including the sales agreements with the two giants Honeywell and Powin Energy.

With its joint venture partner Koch Strategic Platforms, Freyr has worked hard to speed up the development for the company's first American factory, Giga America. Freyr has strengthened the group by hiring solid key personnel, including the group's CFO, Oscar Brown, and Vice President of Investor Relations, Jeffrey Spittel.

Freyr's US plans is parallel to the European ones. Freyr is to be positioned as one of the USA's leading manufacturers of battery cells and has already established a long-term partnership with the English company 24M Technologies.

- Freyr strives to be a global champion in the industry for clean batteries, and we plan to achieve this goal by building robust local capacities in key end markets such as the USA, says CEO of Freyr, Tom Einar Jensen.

As 24 M technology already has done, Freyr is establishing a technology centre in Boston. Boston is known for it's strong research environment, and Freyr's center will help to increase progress for Giga America in the wake of the Senate's decision.

- With the Senate's passage of the "Inflation Reduction Act", the US is about to accelerate the development of clean, local battery supply chains, fully in line with our long-term strategy. In our work with localization and realization for Giga America, the establishment of our first American location near our partners at 24M will improve technology development, collaboration, personnel development and strategic coordination, adds CEO of Freyr Tom Einar Jensen.

FREYR’s battery manufacturing process will be initially based on 24M’s SemiSolid™ platform, which is designed to drive capital and operational efficiencies relative to conventional production methodologies.

24M is the preferred technology supplier of, among others, Volkswagen, Kyocera, Itochu, Freyr, etc.

24M, Freyr, Giga Factory
24M Technology has developed unique manufacturing technology for lithium-ion batteries.. Photo: J. Belcher | 24M


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