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Important milestone for The Coring Company

The Mo i Rana-based technology company passed the important transition from development to sales a few days ago. The first customer is still a company secret, but for the globally oriented business, the contract is an important milestone.

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Information from the ground up is the core of TCC's business. Photo: Yuru Herasimenka |

The Coring Company (TCC) is a Norwegian-based technology company with the aim of developing digital solutions for the construction industry. The company is now launching its new software Sample Control System (SCS). With this software, the industry will get a powerful tool to reduce the costs of ground surveys.

Founder of TCC, Frida Vonstad, has a PhD in Geotechnics from University College London (UCL) and has used her experience from operational field work to develop SCS. She is today the managing director of the company.

- It was astonishing to see how much time was spent on waiting and logistics, but also alarming how little utilization of data there was across the specialist areas. I immediately saw that there had to be a better way to do this, and The Coring Company is now presenting a digital solution for the industry that can reduce both risk, time and costs for customers and construction companies, says Vonstad in a press release from the company

- Prices for development are increasing all over the world, and are affected by increased interest rates as well as increased labor costs, fuel prices and material costs. TCC offers a solution that can reduce the costs of basic surveys that will be able to counteract the increased cost picture, and at the same time reduce the emission of CO2 that will contribute to the UN's sustainability goals. By offering an AI solution with easy access to data and interdisciplinary analyses, we can give our customers in the construction industry a competitive advantage, Vonstad continues.

About the product

SCS is a SaaS solution that addresses the entire value chain in connection with basic investigations. Here, projects can be planned in TCCs digital map solution, and project information relating to progress, risk and finances is collected in one place. Registration of data in the field takes place via mobile or tablet in a separate app. Laboratory orders and results are delivered directly into the application, and the unique impact analysis indicates risk in both geotechnical, geological, geochemical, and archaeological areas based on fewer samplings. This could result in a lower risk in the projects and a lower cost for development projects. SCS also offers a range of reporting options and a new way to visualize borehole data.

TCC develops solutions that optimize and digitize procedures used in field work in construction industry and mining. With data from drilling rigs, samples and industrial experience, TCC can provide a much more detailed analysis with reduced sample materials. TCC will offer services within Software (SaaS), AI, hardware, sample analysis and robotics. TCCs ambition is to be a total supplier and create cost- and time-efficient solutions that reduce CO2 emissions in heavy industry - with the help of their pioneering software, Sample Control System (SCS). SCS is now being launched for the construction industry and will be launched for the mining industry in autumn 2022.


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