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Starts 2022 with the announcement of thirty new positions

It is more than just Freyr's pilot factory that is growing. Freyr Battery is advertising thirty new positions, and they are doing it internationally.

Freyr Battery, Mo i Rana, Giga Factory

Communications Director Hilde Rönningsen at Freyr can today tell the local newspaper that Freyr's team currently are based in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Alsace in France, in Houston, Denver and Raleigh in the USA, Berlin in Germany, Tokyo in Japan, Oslo, Trondheim, Mo i Rana and Finland, and will now have a total of 170 permanent employees and contract employees. Of these, twenty-eight are based in Mo i Rana.

This month the staff is to be expanded further, and now employees for the pilot factory are to be recruited. As a kind of irony of fate, the pilot factory is established in the 13,000 m² premises after the closed gas pipe factory at the port terminal at Mo Industripark.

- I expect there will be several foreign experts among the thirty who will start production. But we also have many working on project follow-up of the construction which will start this spring, Rönningsen tells the newspaper.

Pilot factory means the factory where the production of the first battery cells will take place. Such piloting is important for Freyr's customers to be able to carry out quality tests of the battery cells before production of larger volumes is initiated. At the same time, the pilot factory will be important for Freyr's internal training and trials until the two giga factories are completed in 2023 and 2024.


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