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Northern Norway's highest mountain rises 1,916 meters above sea level. The peak alone is more than a thousand meters higher than the surrounding terrain, and belongs to the mountain massif Okstindene, which partly encircles Okstindbreen. The glacier is Norway's eighth largest and believed to have existed for more than 9,000 years. Oksskolten is located in Hemnes municipality, 10 km from the Swedish border and the same distance to the municipal border towards Mo i Rana. The easiest way to climb the peak is to do it from Kjennsvasshytta, an hour's drive east of town.

Mo i Rana, Okstindene, friluftsliv

To the left, Oksskolten, The Bull Head, is not the only bull surrounding the glacier. Photo: Cris Erik Haugli

The Okstindene and -breen are one of the region's most popular hiking destinations, and there are several cabins with accommodation options in the mountain area. To walk on the glacier, a glacier guide or glacier course is recommended. As protection, crampons on the boots are a must, and these can be rented from Hemnes Tourist Association.

Okstind glacier is described by glacier researchers as having existed for more than 9,000 years, i.e. since the last ice age. In late summer, the snow melts on the lower parts of the glacier and the characteristic blue ice comes into view. The glacier is divided into two main parts, and covers an area of 46 km². With skis, it is entirely possible to cross the glacier as a day trip, both in summer and winter.

For trips to Oksskolten, Kjennsvasshytta, owned by Hemnes Tourist Association, is recommended. There is a road to the cabin. Drive E12 approx. 41 km to Umskardet, and further approx. 41 km southeast along a gravel road into the mountain home. The road is narrow and rocky in places.

Mo i Rana, Okstindene, friluftsliv

Kjennsvasshytta has 15 beds, and is an excellent starting point for mountain and fishing trips. Photo: Bjørn Finnes

Another of Hemnes Turisforening's cabins is the internationally known Rabothytta. It also has accommodation options and is open during the summer. Rabothytta is a hiking destination in itself, but with its 1,200 meters above sea level, it is an excellent starting point for trips into Okstindbreen and to the many peaks in the area. In the most popular season, it is recommended to book a place in advance via the tourist association's website.

Mo i Rana, Okstindene, friluftsliv

In winter, Rabothytta is closed to guests due to the extreme weather conditions. Photo: Svein Arne Brygfjell

Mo i Rana, Okstindene, friluftsliv
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