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Mo i Rana is an industrial city that has left countless changes behind, changes to new framework conditions and resources. When the major actors makes adjustments, the environment follows. This has been the case for 150 years, and today the connection between the different sectors is better than ever. Central to this exchange of knowledge and information is the Ranaregionens Næringsforening, founded as early as 1932. Good and inclusive work across the brances over years, meant that ACM also chose to become a member of our trade association.

Mo i Rana, Giga Arctic, Freyr Battery

Moholmen was the beginning of the city Mo i Rana is today. Photo: Øystein Bentzen

When the large industry was to be built in Mo i Rana in the late 40s, it had been a local association for the trade stand in town for more than fifteen years. And the merchants kept their own association for almost 60 years, before the venerable Rana Merchant Association in 2002 merged with Rana Marketing Association, and opened up to a wider range of business players. In the last 20 years, our local business association has only become more and more active, and has for many years had an office of daily management.

Our trade association currently consists of 400 member companies and represents more than 30 different brances. In addition to creating arenas for meetings, courses and seminars, the RNF is also a clear voice that is included in both politics and business development. RNF works for good framework conditions and strategically important projects for the business community.

Why did ACM become a member of a trade association?

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