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Fortunately, Mo i Rana is not a big city. From a car park in the city center until you cross the town's edges at 80 km/h, it's just a ten minutes trip. But still the Campus Helgeland has managed to create a forward-looking and urban feeling to its campus and its surroundings. The industrial park and several major businesses are within walking or cycling distance. Therefore, it is no wonder that, among others, Nord University, UIT Arctic University, SINTEF, Nordlandsforskning, the Center for Industrial Research and the region's knowledge park, have established themselves in the same surroundings in Mo i Rana. In addition, the University Library and the primary county library are located in the same building as the campus.

If you want to describe Mo i Rana in one word, you have to choose between "future-oriented" and "offensive". Both descriptions are equally correct, and this characterizes the everyday life of almost everyone you talk to. Visitors who participate in guided tours and have the opportunity to get to know the local businesses, are without exception surprised that this "pressure cooker" exists in the middle of Norway almost without the rest of the country knows anything about it.

And Campus Helgeland is in the middle. In the midst of all this creativity, research and optimistic belief in innovation, almost 700 students complete their studies. The major corporations and companies in the region are "hands on" with their local campus, and many of the students get to participate in stimulating and educational projects.

The central city location means that the students are within walking distance of accommodation, fitness center and sports hall, water park, theater, cinema and restaurants, and in the middle of the city is the train station, bus station and airport bus stop.


For Mo i Rana and Helgeland, it is very valuable that the region's youngsters can complete a number of one-year studies, bachelor's studies and MBAs in their home region, but the fact that more and more people from other parts of the country and from abroad are joining Mo i Rana, is particularly positive. This means that the we also attracts foreign and exciting ideas and thoughts.

Campus Helgeland's canteen is popular, also used as a concert hall

The overview of studies is dated 1 January 2022

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