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There are many mountain peaks in Helgeland, but very few can compete with the highest peak in Nesna municipality. The trip up involves tough uphill all the way, but can still be completed without climbing. For most people, the trip up to the fantastic view will be somewhere between medium to demanding, depending on the season. The time up depends on the shape, but it is a nice day trip. Seeing the sunset from the top of Tomskjevelen in clear weather in the summertime, is something you will never forget!

Tomskjevelen, Mo i Rana, Giga Factory, Freyr Battery

Tomskjevelen from the northeast. Photo: Simo Räsänen & Tauno Räsänen - Creative Commons

If you do not have a boat yourself, the easiest way to reach Tomma is by the ferry from Nesna. The fjord crossing takes about 45 minutes, and then there is 4 km from the ferry berth to the trip's most common starting point at Forsland. Marked parking.

An alternative, but some longer route is to drive to the north side of Tomma and walk up valley, Finnvikdalen.

On a clear day, you can see the mountains in Lofoten to the north and the mountain peaks around and south of Brønnøysund to the south. To the east you will see the Okstindene alps and far into the Swedish side, while to the west you will see thousands and islets and reefs, Lovunden and Træna, and all the way to the outer horizon.


Tomskjevelen is also one of the most spectacular and best summit hikes on Helgeland in the winter, and the trip down is an huge experience.

At Tomma you will also find the peaks Breitomma and Breitind at 803 and 818 meters. These peaks are also worth a visit.

Video via Youtube: Paal Uglefisk Lund

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