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From Virvassdalen, a fantastic hunting and fishing terrain. Photo: Magnus Beyer Brattli, Statskog

The two inland municipalities Rana and Hemnes are together more than 6000 km², and you can walk for days in some of the best areas for hunting and fishing in the country. The largest landowner is the public Statskog, which in an exemplary way has facilitated combining an active outdoor life with reaping the benefits of nature. Hunting elk and small game is an important leisure activity for many residents, but there is plenty of space for hiking. Fishing lakes with trout and char of the large size, there are countless, and therefore many call the district the thousand lakes rich.

Saltfjellstua er et godt utgangspunkt for jakt. Eies av Polarsirkelen Turlag. Foto: Camilla Askildsen/PT

Easy access

The hydropower development in the region left coveted construction roads into the mountains, and the population are eager users of these during summer season. Both Statskog, Polarsirkelen Turlag and Hemnes Turistforening have cabins in a large number of cabins and huts in the district, attractive to those who seek out hunting and fishing. The roads also mean that visits far into the mountains can be carried out as day trips.

The diverse nature in Hemnes and Rana, with deep valleys with spruce forest, lighter birch forest and large areas of open high mountain terrain, allows for a number of types of hunting, both with and without a dog. Both at Statskog and at the local hunting and hunting association, there is good advice to get, and the same applies to the district's two outdoor associations.

Blerekvatnan, Mo i Rana, fisketur, friluftsliv
Virvassdalen, Polarsirkelen, fiske, friluftsliv, Mo i Rana
Stormdalen, Rana, jakt, Polarsirkelen, Mo i Rana, friluftsliv
Stormdalen, rana, polarsirkelen, jakt
Hunting license arctic circle
Mo i Rana, friluftsliv, fiske
Miljørdirektoratet, friluftsliv, Mo i Rana, Plarsirkelen, Statskog
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