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Different websites for vacancies

There are a number of websites that publish vacancies, and without knowing the region and the employers it can be difficult to find the most attractive positions. has done it for you, and below you will find a quickly accessible overview.


To make the searches easier, the links have been prepared for searches either for Mo i Rana alone or for the neighboring municipalities of Hemnes, Nesna, Lurøy, Rødøy and Træna as a group. At the bottom of the page are specific searches for the current major employers.


Arbeidsplassen is Norway's public and largest jobseeker portal. The portal is free and operated by NAV and they collect job advertisements from all local newspapers throughout the country, in addition to thousands of advertisements that employers themselves enter into the database.

Job seekers who wish to be contacted by employers can make themselves searchable in the candidate search by registering with a CV and job profile. It is possible to state whether you have a notice period or can start immediately.

Employers can create a permanent search profile on these websites, and in that way look for future employees who match the profile. Employers get an overview of all relevant candidates in a hit list, so they can assess the CVs and make direct contact with job seekers. is the largest of the commercial jobseeker portals. Finn is owned by Schibsted and is a comprehensive portal. Here you will find positions in all categories. The available positions are sorted and it is easy to navigate. The subscription solution is very good.

The larger employers use different solutions for announcing vacancies.

Here you will find links to each individual.

Rana kommune, current vacancies, Moi Rana
Ledige stillinger, Helgelandssykehuset
Freyr Battery, current vacancies, career site, Mo i Rana
Mo i Rana, Nordand fylkeskommune, current vacancies
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