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Rana municipality is a well-run, and it is secured by both the Conservatives and the Labor Party having one hand on the wheel each. Mayor Geir Waage and deputy mayor Anita Solli are often referred to as the dream team, and results are created that provide recognition. Of course, there are tasks that do not reach the economic priorities, but the political leadership has political support from SV and MDG, so the watchdogs are also in position. An opposition consisting of FrP, SP, KrF, V, INP og Rødt means that even non-priority issues are brought to light. In sum, Rana municipality is well run and has good finances.

Mo i Rana is the fourth most populous municipality  in Trøndelag/Northern Norway. Photo: RK 

Everyone who knows Mo i Rana knows that there are decades of hard work behind the Mo i Rana we see today, and the pleasant result characterizes most of the city's inhabitants. There is an optimism and future faith that is difficult to find elsewhere, and many are so inspired during their visits that they choose to settle here. This applies to both young and old, highly educated and skilled workers.

Rana municipality's politicians have actively participated in shaping the city's future plans and vision. The political parties have also gained their optimism and faith in the future, and it is especially the city's ambitions as a spearhead in the green shift that inspire. The industrial park's long-standing and successful work creates optimism, and the rest of the business community follows suit. It is no coincidence that politicians chose "The future is renewable" as an element in the city's new vision.


Mo i Rana takes the role as host city for a sustainable industry seriously, and in the adopted action plans, the municipality seeks for cooperation with the inhabitants, industry and business to become a blue-green city with a focus on renewable and sustainable solutions. Car use in Mo i Rana will be reduced with better public transport solutions, pedestrian and bicycle connections. To become a smart green city is a clear priority that shall be achieved through a green transformation.

The role of the citizens' welfare operator is the municipality's most important task. Rana kommune's management is set to develop a local community where everyone gets their basic needs covered. Universal design is an important prerequisite for achieving such goals, and it is equally important for Rana kommune that all the youngest members of the Rana community are ensured the best possible start in life.


These are words that have been put into practice, and in recent years Rana municipality has invested more than NOK 870 million in the reconstruction of Rana Ungdomsskole and three new primary schools in Gruben and Ytteren and Båsmo.

Rana kommune's annual summer school is a popular initiative for children in primary school. Foto: Rana kommune

Quality of life and coping is also about belonging and at the same time being able to use your resources. The municipality's ambition is therefore to appear as a co-creation municipality where young people and the elderly are given priority through co-creation between the municipality and the voluntary sector.

In and around Mo i Rana there are a total of 23 kindergartens where all have their specialties and peculiarities. Common to all is the emphasis on high pedagogical quality, and the greatest possible flexibility in admission.

Co-creation between the municipal and voluntary sector is an objective. Photo: Rana Kommune

In February 2022, Rana municipality was named The Host Municipality of the year for Business Development in the category cities larger than 15,000 inhabitants. Behind this exclusive award are the Central Association of Local Authorities and the Confederation of Norwegian Business and Industry, and they justified the award ceremony as follows:

"There is a good collaboration between the municipality and the business community in Mo i Rana, both administratively and politically. Through this collaboration, a solid and comprehensive plan has been developed - from community, business plan to budget - which has put them in a position to be an attractive host municipality for new establishments."

Member of the parlament, Stortinget, Mr. Bård Ludvig Thorheim (H) praised the award and gave the following statement in an interview with Rana Blad:

"It could not be more deserved. What is happening in Rana is an example to follow and the municipality should act as a showcase for the rest of the country's municipalities. The municipality profiles itself as Norway's green industrial capital and the cooperation between public and business in Rana shows the way for "There is an enormous amount of positive happening in the municipality and therefore it is appropriate that Rana rises to the top of this award."

Mo i Rana, business development, Giga Factory

Today's municipality was established in 1964, and consists of the former Mo municipality, Nord-Rana municipality and parts of Sør-Rana municipality. Merging is a result of the rapid growth the place was through after the establishment of ironworks and coking plants in the 50s and 60s.


According to Statistics Norway, there are approximately as many inhabitants in Mo i Rana in the age group 25-29 years as in the age group 55-59 years. The younger age groups are almost at national level, but Mo i Rana has challenges with a significant group of "ironworks kids" who have already moved into the retirement range. Increased need for care and nursing is expected.

In line with most other cities and municipalities of Mo in Rana's size, there are challenges. The most important are related to climate and environment, increasing social inequality, declining birth rates, increasing proportion of older people, increasing proportion of young people and the elderly struggling mentally, high drop-out rates in upper secondary school, integration and some air pollution. But in Mo i Rana, these themes are on the table and we work purposefully to solve them.

There is a great need for labor in the district, and this also applies to Rana municipality. The municipality has more than 3,000 employees and offers exciting opportunities for professional development and careers. At Rana municipality, emphasis is placed on diversity, and all qualified applicants are encouraged to apply regardless of age, gender, functional ability and national or ethnic background. The municipality is an IA employer, and emphasizes facilitation for employees with reduced functional ability.

Mo i Rana, befolkningsutvikling

The diagram shows Mo i Rana's gender and age composition. Red line illustrates the national average.

Rana kommune, Mo i Rana
Mo i Rana, Giga Arctic, Freyr
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