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It is inevitable that almost everything we use will wear out, and that one day it will be too resource-intensive to repair. This is also the case in the weather-exposed aquaculture industry, but thanks to creativity and the ability to think completely new, discarded plastic from aquaculture has found its way into the furniture industry. This willingness to succeed in the incredible, means that people can rest their butts on what was once the framework around a salmon farm. With the architectural firm Snøhetta on the team, Nordic Comfort Products at Hemnesberget has created something the world has not seen before, but which the world needs more of.


NCP's chair S-1500 has been developed in collaboration with Nova Sea, Kvarøy Fiskeoppdrett and Snøhetta

Nordic Comfort Products has its factory at Hemnesberget 40 km from Mo i Rana. The company has eighteen employees and a turnover of close to NOK 40 million in 2020. The company was founded as early as 1932, and named Romo Factories. Until the 1970s, the company ran it's production in Eastern Norway of filing cabinets and seats for planes and buses, but then invested in plastic furniture production. In 1989, the company was sold and moved the exact opposite way by many other companies, north, to Hemnesberget.

Since '89 the product range has multiplied, and NCP is today a significant supplier to the public market, especially in school furniture. In addition, NCP produces furniture for offices, conferences, hotels, canteens, cafes and town halls. NCP has dealers throughout Norway, and exports to a number of countries, primarily Sweden and Denmark.  

Nordic Comfort Products, S-1500, Mo i Rana

From Hemnesberget's jazz scene Jernvaren

NPC has many decades of experience in furniture production of plastic based on conventional raw materials. But only  9% of the world's total plastic waste is recycled, and NCP therefore sees itself as ethically obliged to try to be able to use discarded plastic in its production.


For NCP, the project started with the chair S-1500 through a research-based study in May 2017. NCP used Sintef Raufoss Manufacturing as a partner to investigate how different types of plastic waste from the fishing industry could be recycled and used in normal production.  


Together with architects from Snøhetta and players in the aquaculture industry , a chair was developed that has attracted attention. Production is based on 100% recycled plastic and a subframe made of recycled steel. By eliminating the need to use new raw material in production, the chair has a carbon footprint that is one of the lowest in the market.

NCP previously had some of its production in Asia, but has chosen to move everything home. The company  has made significant investments in new production equipment for injection molding, where recycling of plastic and circular economy was given great focus. Together with, among others, Nova Sea and Kvarøy Fiskeoppdrett, NPC has been able to continue its development of products that help to reduce the carbon footprint from the production of plastic furniture.


An important ambition for NCP has been to change the public's attitude towards discarded plastic, from considering the waste as rubbish to see the circular economy. NPC's wish is that we all look at waste as a valuable raw material for new products.

NPC has a wide product range consisting of both chairs and tables, and the company bases its design exclusively on Norwegian furniture designers. The model series  based on recycled plastic from fisheries and aquaculture, is constantly expanding. In this photo series you will see some of them. The next time you invest, these furniture from Nordic Comfort Products can help reduce your company's footprint.

The chairs in this photo series are based on recycled waste plastic from the aquaculture industry

The combination of exquisite design and high environmental ambitions attracts attention. The small furniture manufacturer from Hemnesberget has become a role model in the international furniture industry. Nordic Comfort Products (NCP) are doing investments purposefully in reusing plastic and steel from local industry to produce new and functional products.


The collaboration between  Kvarøy Fish Farming, Nova Sea and NCP should be an inspiration to others when it comes to giving used materials new value. When the aquaculture and the furniture industry can establish cooperation, what are the opportunities in other industries.

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