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Clima renewed its certification

The laundry Clima, which specializes in the rental and cleaning of mats, was re-certified as an Environmental Lighthouse. The requirements are strict, but the Clima team has been conscious of its responsibility.

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Clima mats can be found all over Helgeland, both as logo mats and as the more discreet clima mats. The company also specializes in so-called relief mats, mats with built-in shock absorption for tired working feet.

The primary product for Clima is that the mats are periodically replaced with similar mats that have been washed and cleaned. For the users, this means that large quantities of sand and gravel are prevented from entering the customers' offices and work premises. Many housing associations have also seen the value in such Clima agreements.

logo mat, Clima, Mo i Rana, SMB

The recertification of Clima as an environmental beacon involves a review of all routines in the company, the use of chemicals and detergents, and of the company's documentation for discharge of washing water. For a company located on the riverbank of one of the country's large salmon-carrying waterways, Ranelva, environmental commitment has been a matter of course.

The company has also taken emissions into the air seriously. To optimize the company's use of transport, Clima has also adopted a map and management system that gives drivers the most efficient driving route between customers. With the considerable number of mats to be brought in and out of a large region, many kilometers are saved through such route planning.

Important sertification

- Clima and several other local companies' deliberate investment in environmental certification is very important for the trust and quality of the undergrowth of SMBs that the larger companies need. It is impossible for a large enterprise to operate sustainably if the company's subcontractors do not take their part, says communications advisor Øystein Bentzen.


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