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Freyr Battery is searching for new and ambitious employees

A lerge number of positions are advertised on Freyr Battery's website, and now you can register as an interested job seeker for whatever comes next. Mo i Rana vibrates with excitement!

Mo i Rana, current vacancy, Freyr Battery, Giga Arctic
New jobs can offer exciting prospects. Foto: Getty Images

Freyr's decision on the construction of Giga Arctic is also a decision to search for hundreds of new employees in the coming months. Mo i Rana is a well-established melting pot and this is something the city has been through before, but there is no doubt that the city will never be the same. In a positive sense.

Development happens quickly and new positions are advertised as soon as the organization is ready. It may therefore be smart to submit an open application and let Freyr suggest the exciting position for you. What could be more exciting than being contacted by the perhaps most sustainable manufacturer of battery cells in the entire world?

Check the websites at and familiarize yourself with a region rich in resources and opportunities. If you are interested in the world's environmental challenges and sustainable development, there is hardly anything more exciting than this green city in an adventurous region of the blue and fresh Arctic.


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