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Freyr Battery opens business unit in Japan

Freyr Battery announced the establishment of a technology resources campus and business unit in Japan. The new business unit is the company’s first physical location in Asia and will focus on efforts to facilitate and scale-up Freyr’s testing and development of the 24M Technologies battery platform.

Freyr Battery, Mo i Rana, Fukuoka, Giga Arctic
Fukuoka is the sixt largest city in Japan with a population of 2.5 mill. Foto: iStock

Freyr's new facility will be located in Fukuoka where the testing equipment is currently being installed. The unit will primarily be engaged in running electrochemical testing of various materials related to 24M’s technology development, while also providing a platform for the recruitment and hiring of experienced battery engineering talent.

“Japan is a global center for battery development, and consequently home to some of the most experienced and capable lithium-ion battery cell experts in the world,” said Rune Nordgaard, Freyr’s Country Manager, Japan. “Our new technology resources business unit in Fukuoka will advance Freyr’s clean battery development efforts by expanding our capacity for laboratory-scale testing related to 24M’s platform, as well as providing access to advanced technology and a deep pool of experienced engineering talent.”

Freyr also expects that the establishment of its Japan business unit will help accelerate and support its collaboration with other 24M licensing partners based in the region, along with material and equipment suppliers.

Freyr's establishment in Mo i Rana requires the recruitment of specialist expertise from all over the world. The ongoing establishment in Japan must therefore be considered an important milestone for Giga Arctic.


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