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Return to normal operation at the hospital in Mo i Rana

After a period of some uncertainty about the further organization of, among other things, bowel cancer surgery, the board of Helse Nord has decided to restore normal activity for cancer treatment in Mo i Rana. The board's decision is final and means that the professional environment in Mo i Rana can continue its 25-year-long competence building.

Helgelandssykehuset, Helgeland, Hospital, Mo i Rana

For Helgeland, the resumption of bowel cancer surgery is of great importance for patient safety and for the quality of treatment. In the two years the conversion has been underway, cancer patients from Helgeland have had to travel to the hospitals in Bodø or Trondheim, both hospitals with capacity challenges.

The hospital in Mo i Rana has for several years been recognized for its professional environment and has been the only one in the region to have full-fledged emergency surgical preparedness in both general surgery and orthopedics. The orthopedic professional environment in Mo i Rana is among the foremost in northern Norway and has succeeded in recruiting specialists from both Norway and abroad.

It is this recognition that is the basis when the hospital's owner, Helse Nord, has decided that the region's bowel cancer surgery in Mo i Rana will continue. The long-awaited decision means that the professional community can resume recruitment work.


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